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This limitation on indigent inmates does not apply to privileged mail to the courts, licensed attorneys, clergy, and state or federal governmental offices and officials. Postage will be paid by the sheriff's department. Confidential or privileged communications shall include letters to or from a judge, attorney, elected official or authorized members of the clergy. You must purchase from the canteen. You will not be allowed to have stamps mailed in to you. All outgoing non-privileged mail shall be given to jail staff UNSEALED so it can be monitored before mailing to see if the communication would be in violation of the law or disrupt jail security.

You are not allowed to write other inmates in the Grant County Jail, or an inmate that maybe housed in another facility as a safe keeper while you are an inmate in the jail. A safe keeper is defined as an inmate of the Grant County Jail being housed at another jail due to overcrowding or for other reasons. It is the policy of the jail to process all mail promptly. The mail may, be delayed a reasonable time for staff to evaluate it. Staff while not disregard other essential jail duties to evaluate the mail. All outgoing mail received into the jail office by 10pm lock down will be mailed the next day except on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

Exceptions to the previous rule may include, but are not limited to: Concern over content of the mail. Unforeseen circumstances beyond jail staff control. There may be exceptions to this rule on occasion for holidays etc. The staff will open and inspect non-privileged letters for contraband. When mail volume is high, letters may be opened and inspected in the jail office and handed out to inmates when time allows. All incoming mail must contain the full name and address of both the sender and the inmate on the envelope.

All incoming mail must be postmarked. Mail will NOT be accepted at visitation for inmates. Mail cannot be dropped off for inmates. This includes greeting cards for inmates. All cards and letters must be sent to the inmate through the mail. Money received in any form in the incoming mail will be removed from the envelope.

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It will not be placed in property envelopes. Personal checks that an inmate receives in the mail will not be cashed. Any contraband found in incoming mail shall be confiscated and preserved as evidence.

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The envelope or package containing the contraband will also be confiscated by staff and placed into evidence. Senders of contraband may be referred to the district attorney for prosecution. No publication that is obscene or depicts methods of weapons manufacture, means of escape, or material, which may compromise jail security, will be allowed in the jail. All non-privileged mail shall be promptly returned to that sender if it is determined that delivery of such mail would likely disrupt jail discipline or security.

Both the inmate and the sender will be notified in writing of such mail refusal. Jail staff will strictly follow court-ordered contact restrictions. The jail staff shall document all refusals of incoming mail. Violation of these rules may result in: Prosecution, where a violation of the law is suspected, or known to have occurred. Limitations on of both incoming, and outgoing non-privileged mail for a period of time corresponding to the nature, and degree of the violation.

The administrator will respond in writing. The administrator will state whether the facts support the mail limitation, or the mail limitation will be removed. Inmates will no longer be allowed to have magazines, books or newspapers sent in from the general public. They must come directly from the publisher. The inmate must use the following mailing address.

Inmate's name must be on the mailing address or you may not receive it. Grant County Jail North Adams St Lancaster, WI It will be the inmate's responsibility to stop delivery of the magazines, books, or newspapers once you are released from jail. We will not forward or retain any magazines, books or newspapers mailed in after your release.

All other magazines, books, or newspapers must be ordered off the commissary list. NO television sets brought to the jail will be allowed in. The staff will control the on and off of the television. Any pounding, yelling, or covering of the camera or television will result in the loss of the television privilege.

Back to top Library Rules Inmates will have access to these rooms as necessary, when time and space permits. This is a privilege and will be denied to inmates who fail to follow the jail rules. These rooms are to be kept in a neat and orderly fashion. All other books must be ordered off the commissary list. Any type of reading material that can be purchased over the local newsstand is allowed.

Adult material that contains sexually explicit photos and or text will not be allowed. Articles that may compromise the security of the jail will also be denied. Any questionable publications will need to be approved by the administration. The removal of any pictures from a magazine, will result in the loss of the magazine, and the loss of all future mailings of the magazine during your incarceration.

Any contraband found in any material could result in prosecution of both the inmate and person sending in the contraband. There will be only five games in any block at a time. Only games purchased off the commissary will be allowed. Game pieces that are consistently found on the floor will be removed and destroyed. Back to top Meal Rules Meals will be served at the discretion of the cook. Inmates are expected to arrive at the food pass to collect their meal.

At no time will an inmate pick up a food tray for another inmate, unless directed to do so by jail staff. Any uneaten food shall be returned on the food tray to the kitchen. NO food is to be saved and eaten at a later time. All trays and utensils shall be returned to the food pass in a neat and orderly fashion.

Any damage to these items can result in charges. Back to top Canteen Rules All Stellar Commissary orders must be submitted by inmates using the phone system. You may make changes to your order until PM lock down on Monday evenings. There are NO exceptions The deadline may be changed due to holidays, or other unexpected reasons. Inmates will be notified about these changes. Stellar Commissary orders are delivered once per week. There will be NO exchanges on your order unless you received the wrong product or the product is damaged.

Daily canteen slips where inmates may request, toilet paper, razors, phone cards, request forms etc. Make sure the slips are filled out completely with your full name, date, and cellblock. Clearly mark on canteen slip what item s you want and the quantity. If staff cannot read your markings on the canteen slip you will not receive that item.

NO exceptions Inmates will also request your hygiene products that are furnished by the jail on the canteen slips. Indigent packs containing shampoo, soap and toothpaste can be requested on the daily canteen slip that you submit on Tuesday evenings. Indigent packs are only handed out once a week. All needs and requests for the next day are to be made on these canteen slips. Only emergency requests will be answered at any other time. You may purchase items on the canteen slips as long as you have money in your account.

You may purchase as many phone cards as you want, provided you have the money in your account. Phone cards will be sold on Monday thru Friday only. No weekends, or Holidays. DO NOT ask staff to buy a phone card after you receive money in the mail. Phone cards can only be purchased on canteen slips. The jail staff will hand out the canteen during the day when time permits. Inmates will not pound for their canteen. Pounding for the canteen will result in the loss of canteen.

If you do not come to the food pass to accept your canteen when your name is called, you will not receive your canteen for that day. Any monies deducted from your canteen account for that day, will be credited back to your canteen account. The only exception to this is when the inmate is out of the cellblock, or in the shower. Canteen items shall be stored in an orderly fashion.

Canteen items shall remain in the cellblock. NO canteen items can be taken to the library, conference room, visiting booths, etc. Inmate discipline may include the loss of canteen privileges. Medical care will never be refused to any inmate. Those inmates who do not have any money to cover the medical expenses will still be seen by the nurse or doctor and given the needed medications. Inmates are responsible for providing proof of medical insurance or medical assistance to the jail.

The inmate remains responsible for all costs not covered by insurance. All inmates shall be held financially responsible for all medical care, dental care, prescription, and non-prescription medication costs during their incarceration. The individual inmate shall pay for all medical care, dental care, and prescription, and non-prescription medication costs including those performed inside, or outside the jail while an inmate of this facility. It is the policy of the Grant County Jail to require inmates to make a co-payment for medical services.

Medical Request Form: An inmate requesting medical services must complete this form. The nurse will examine you and either suggest treatment or will seek treatment information from the jail physician. These request forms can be obtained when canteen is delivered. Inmates must have the jail nurse authorize a doctor visit The charges will be based on what medical services are provided. You will be charged for any expenses in the event you are required, or you have requested to see a medical doctor, dentist, or any other medical professional.

The cost of all prescription and non-prescription medications that are given out, or prescribed by the nurse, doctor, or any other physician or medical provider will be assessed to the inmate. Inmates may have prescriptions dropped off at the jail provided the medication is in the pharmacy issued container. All writing on the label must be legible and the prescription must be current. Any prescriptions that are dropped off at the jail for an inmate, or that the inmate brings to the jail must be approved by the jail nurse before the medication can be administered to the inmate.

There may be some exceptions to this rule as the medical department of the jail deems necessary. Back to top General Inmate Financial Responsibilities During your confinement you will be issued items that must be returned upon the completion of your incarceration period. These items will be returned in the same condition in which they were given to you outside of normal wear and tear.

Back to top Inmate Hygiene Rules Rules regarding facility issued items and hygiene are: Upon your admission to this facility, you will be issued the following: 1 Jail uniform, 2 sheets, , 1 towel, 1 washcloth, 1 mattress, 1 blanket. During the months between Oct. Inmates will be held financially responsible for any damage or loss of these items. Each inmate will also be issued 1 plastic container.

You are to keep all of your personal property in this container. What does not fit into container will not be allowed in your cell. You will be charged for this kit. It will contain personal hygiene items which include, soap, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, a pen, and a drinking cup. Inmates are required to shower daily. Unless you are in isolation or administrative segregation.

The Grant County Nurse, other medical personnel, or staff may direct an inmate to shower for medical or hygiene reasons. All newly admitted inmates must shower when they placed in their cellblock to maintain cleanliness and sanitation in the jail. Used toothbrushes, combs, empty toothpaste packet, empty toilet paper tubes, and pen must be returned prior to getting new ones issued. Razors must be purchased off the weekly Stellar Commissary list.

You may request a razor by making your request for a razor on the daily hygiene product list. If you request a razor, you must return the razor to the jail staff by lunch that day. Female hygiene products may be purchased off the weekly Stellar Commissary list. If inmate is indigent we will provide pads. No inmate will be denied hygiene products if they are indigent. We will maintain an account for all hygiene products which you requested and did not pay for at the time of use. If at any time during your incarceration you receive money, the jail staff will apply the money towards your balance owed for hygiene products until your debts are paid off.

Indigent inmates may request a weekly indigent pack which contains soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. There will be a small charge for this pack which will be added to your account. No inmate will be allowed to accumulate excessive amounts of jail issued hygiene products. The item will also need to be approved by the jail nurse and the jail administrator.

Back to top Clothing Rules You will furnish your own underwear and socks. Boxer shorts, socks, and sports bra may be purchased from the commissary. You will be allowed to have in your possession a reasonable amount of underwear. Sweatshirts may only be purchased off of the Stellar Commissary order forms. No tee shirts, sweat pants, long johns or Bermuda shorts.

If any of these items are needed the medical staff must first approve them. Slippers will be provided by the jail. You may also purchase shower shoes from the canteen. Back to top Laundry Rules All laundry will be done by the jail staff and at their convenience. You are to turn in a complete exchange of jail uniforms, bedding and towels for a clean supply.

You are to remove any knots in the sheets. Make sure there is nothing in the pockets of the jail uniform. The jail is not responsible for any lost items left in the laundry. This includes phone cards.

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Back to top Cell, Day Rooms, and Dorm Rules You will be responsible for the cleanliness of your cell and day room area. Beds will be made by AM and remain made until lockup at PM. You may lie on top of the covers at any time during the day, but you will not be in bed under the covers between the hours of a. Blankets or sheets are not to be hung from the top bunk to form a tent, nor used as a hammock.

Sheets and blankets may not be tied to cell bars to prevent staff from observing inmates in the cell area. There shall be NO writing or pasting items on walls, tables, or fixtures within the cell or day room area. No item that is not intended for the toilet will be placed in the toilet!! If items are found in your stool that do not belong ie: canteen wrappings, plastic items etc.

You will loose canteen privileges for your entire period of incarceration. The City of Lancaster frequently checks the sewer lines coming from the jail and reports to Jail Administration all items found. This has caused problems with the sewer system in the past. If it comes to the point that the City levies a fee against the jail for increased maintenance costs then the canteen will be discontinued.

Inmates are to clean the cells and the cell block to the satisfaction of the jail staff. Cleaning by inmates will include mopping the day room and cell floors, cleaning the shower, washing view port windows, cleaning and sanitizing the sinks and toilets, and cleaning the day room table. If the cell block is not cleaned when the cleaning supplies are made available, the cleaning supplies will be removed and any television, and radio in the cell block will be turned off until the next time the cleaning supplies are available, and the cell block is cleaned. Inmates are expected to make use of the cleaning supplies when they are given to them.

Back to top Religious Services Only ordained ministers are allowed to visit with inmates. The jail has several ministers that come in on a regular basis. Inmates may attend these services if they wish. At no time will an inmate be removed from religious services to meet with a visitor, attorney, or attend GED, etc. Inmates may request in writing that a clergy be called and a member of the jail staff will do so.

Inmates may request in writing to have their own minister be allowed to visit. These visits will take place in one of the visiting booths. Back to top. Phone: Contraband is defined as any item, or substance, which cannot legally be in your possession, or which is forbidden by the jail policy or rules. If, after admission and processing into the jail, you are unable to post bond, pay a fine, or otherwise secure your release, you will be assigned to a receiving cell or cell block.

All scheduled release times are between A. If you fail to take all of your personal property at the time of your release from custody, you will have up to 1 year after your release to recover you property before it will be disposed of.

Inmates will be allowed a total of 4 names on your visiting list. Saturday am - am. Last name beginning with H through M. Last name beginning with N through Z. Last name beginning with A through M. Outgoing Mail: You may put in as many pages as allowed by the U. Televisions will be provided by the jail. Inmates will have access to these rooms as necessary, when time and space permits.

If you receive the newspaper on a daily basis, you must pass out the complete paper from the previous day before you receive the next edition.

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Meals will be served at the discretion of the cook. All Stellar Commissary orders must be submitted by inmates using the phone system. During your confinement you will be issued items that must be returned upon the completion of your incarceration period. Rules regarding facility issued items and hygiene are: Upon your admission to this facility, you will be issued the following: 1 Jail uniform, 2 sheets, , 1 towel, 1 washcloth, 1 mattress, 1 blanket.

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