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Old trail and Portage from W. Moran Bay to E. Moran Bay. I have a Moran township Sequicentennial Edition dated April 1,April 1, book that shows 8 Lasley's and a Bishop who were buried in this ccemtery. If you would like the names I would be more then happy to send them to you. Cherie Eck Tebo. Edward was born 4 Feb. Note that Edward appears twice in the census, once in Inverness, Cheboygan Co. Anne's, Mackinac on December 26, I have all of the early records on CD for Ste.

Anne's Parish, Mackinac.

Samuel Lasley alt. Laslie was born July 4, in Mackinac; he was baptized July 12, by Fr. The baptismal record is from Ste. Malloy, Thos. William also had children by another wife. I have a tiny photo of Susan and William scanned into my computer. I sent copies to the museum. I lost my hard drive a few months ago and lost the address and name dang!

He has a larger portrait of Susan and William. I would love to get back in contact with him. Any help appreciated and I will share whatever I have collected. Terry Anglin Edwards. Contact Beaver Beacon. When the temperature rises enough so we start our car, probably next month, we'll cruise over to Larry's, snap his portrait, and post it here.

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Everyone I've "met" from Beaver Island are the nicest folks! It is the weirdest thing. It is a balmy 37 degrees and the horses think it is spring! Is Larry the Malloy that restored the family butcher shop? I lost all that info both hard copy and data files a family member with altzheimer's emptied my file cabinet for me and threw everything in the trash while I was doing the cooking- of course that is the day the trash man came early. Thanks again. I am trying to find anyone with stories of the Malloys and Browns and Davenports.

So many of my line died without children and they sent on photos because they know I love the both the photos and the history of it. I promised I would gather as much info as possible and then write the stories. She married Earl ST.

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He married Grace H. Children: i Nellie J. Children: i Margaret E. Children: i Sadie M.

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She married John C. She married James C. She married Charles H. He married 2 Mary O. Children: i Gladys M. She married Robert J. He married Edouge M. Earl: White. Dear Evelyn, I have recently been pursuing this area as well. Not sure if any of the following is new to you or not. My mother's family Johnstone came from the Shell Lake area of Sask. Not sure if you have traced this part yet or not, but the Belanger family in Sask is a revered one.

I would like any information on Mistawasis's history that I can get. According to the most recent info I have, Pierre married Ann Mashenashshowishk and their son was Gabriel, whose daughter was Caroline my great grandmother. Gabriel was apparently banished to northern Alberta after an altercation resulting in a death. I would like to find out any information on Pierre's Mistawasis's other children, more info on Gabriel and who he married etc. James Johnstone.

I am also interested in any information that anyone might have on Dr. James Johnstone - London. There was a family history in printed and published form but it hsa been lost.

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If anyone has any knowledge of the whereabouts of a copy of this tome it would also be appreciated. Thankyou, Joe Thornton jthor telusplanet. Hello, Just saw your post on Belangers and ran into my family name of Mirandette, or as you have it Merrandette. Will gladly share the generations back or forward or both if you are interested.

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Relatives have said that Sarah was part Indian. I have been trying to find a connection to any tribe but have been unsuccessful. I did find the information that follows and thought that if you did not have it you might be interested. Johnstone was represented by Counsel, Mr. No one opposed the appeal. I assumed therefore that the Department of Indian Affairs is not taking sides in the matter, but pursuant to the provisions of the Act, giving, a decision after an inquiry, and sending the matter on for review, when so requested, by a Judge as provided by the Act.

The appeal is made on the evidence taken by the Commissioner at the inquiry, supplemented by certain records of the department, which I will refer to later. It is admitted by the recorded evidence that Norman C. Johnstone No.

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He has been, over the years, an "elector" as described in the Act. He has been a councillor and at the time the protest was made he was the elected chief of the band. The date of his admission to the band seems uncertain, but the only definite evidence is that he was in the band as a small boy, having come with a woman who was assumed to be his mother and that he was voted in as a member of the band at some uncertain time.

I must assume therefore that the electors as of that date were intelligent persons who knew their rights and that they were satisfied that at that time Norman C. Johnstone was duly qualified as an Indian, RE JOHNSTONE eligible to be received. I am of the opinion therefore that after all these years as an honored member of the band, the burden falls upon the protestors to establish a prima facie case for deletion of his name from the Band List. From the records before me it is evident that a man Edward Johnstone, born November 10, , an Englishman, claimed under oath to be married to Caroline Belanger, a half breed, and claimed that they were the parents of one Charles Johnstone.

The affidavit was sworn on June 30th in support of an application of the said Charles Johnstone for scrip. There is also a certified copy of the record of the baptism of Charles Johnstone, child of Edward Johnstone and wife Caroline, born 10th November , and baptized November 29th, Scrip was issued to Charles Johnstone on June 30, At this stage of the proceedings the evidence becomes rather sketchy - I cannot assume that because Norman C.

Johnstone is called Johnstone that he is not an Indian. If that is a sufficient ground then Watson, Matheson and Bird who testified against him might be suspect. Johnstone's father. He apparently never saw Norman C.

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  • Johnstone until he was a young boy. He does not know that Norman's mother ever married Charlie Johnstone. There is no evidence that Norman is the son of the woman who lived with Charlie Johnstone, and no evidence that that woman was Norman Johnstone's mother. Louis Watson's evidence is based on an assumption which I cannot accept as evidence.

    Cheboygan county clerks office refuses payment of legal tender!! Millions of dimes!!!!!

    John Matheson's evidence is all from hearsay in so far as it relates to the birth of Norman C. He says Norman's mother was "maybe a half breed - French halfbreed.