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You may not be able to protect your children from all dangers, but a quick search of the sex offender database before you relocate or buy a house is a smart idea. Megan Kanka was a 7-year-old who was brutally raped and murdered by a twice-convicted sex offender, living across the street from her in New Jersey.

About Classification Levels

In , Governor Christine Todd Whitman signed "Megan's Law" requiring convicted sex offenders to register with local police. President Clinton signed the statute into U. Megan's Law is designed to sanction sex offenders and reduce their recidivism rate. The law is enacted and enforced on a state-by-state basis.

Offenses requiring registration include felony sexual assault regardless of the age of the victim , sexual abuse or exploitation of minors, and sexual abuse of wards, patients, or clients.

This includes those on probation or parole or anyone else serving any other form of community supervision. Juveniles are required to register in Arkansas when ordered by the court. Also required to register in Arkansas are any persons acquitted on the grounds of mental disease or defect, out-of-state offenders required to register in their own state, and offenders registered in another state who work or attend school in Arkansas.

There are four levels of sex offenders under Arkansas law.

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What are the “Levels” of a Registered Sex Offender?

Level 2 Sex Offenders Moderate Risk You may obtain registry information by appearing in person at the Needham Police Department: The requester must present proper identification i. The law excludes all juvenile sex offenders except for Tier 3 juvenile sex offenders , most moderate risk offenders whose crimes were committed against members of their families or households, and most moderate sex offenders whose crimes were considered statutory because of age.

Fort Smith Police searching for Level 2 sex offender

Reinforce general precautions about staying away from strangers and ask your children to tell you or their caretakers where they will be at all times. Use the information responsibly.

Sex Offender Information

Talk to your children. Tell them to treat the sex offender as a stranger. Tell them where the sex offender lives, what he or she looks like, and what to do if they encounter or are approached by that person. If you believe that a crime is being committed by a sex offender, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately as you would do in any case of suspected criminal activity. There is no law that can ever completely protect us.

Sex Offender Risk Level Determination - NY DCJS

Adults need to teach children about basic safety precautions. Also, check with the school and other locations where your child spends time on a regular basis to determine whether safety precautions are in place.

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Any actions taken against the individual named in the notification, including vandalism or property, verbal or written threats of harm, or physical violence against this person, his or her family, or employer, will result in arrest and prosecution for criminal acts. Vigilantism is not only a crime, it is an action that will undermine the efforts of those who have worked hard to enact this law.

Offender Levels & Notification Guidelines

Governor Sheila Oliver. State of NJ Web site. Superintendent's Office. What types of offenses require registration? Who is required to register? Are juvenile sex offenders required to register?

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  4. Are sex offenders convicted in another state required to register when they move to New Jersey? Are sex offenders required to report changes of address?

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