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Will these potend future problems to her or the children in their travelling documents or passport? I'm a California resident and just got married last month. This is my second marriage and I kept my married name from my previous marriage for the sake of the kids. My kids are adults now, but my son was very sensitive about me changing my last name, and then my now husband was sensitive about me not taking on his last name a bit old fashioned.

So I thought I'd compromise and hyphenate my last name and by the way, I don't have a middle name either , but now I'm on the fence about hyphenating my last name as I understand it could be a bit of a pain. The marriage license does have my last name hyphenated i. My question is if on the marriage license my last name is hyphenated, do I need to continue hyphenating my name on everything else SS, DMV, passport, legal docs, etc.

Or can I not hyphenate it where I can keep my personal bank account and credit cards as is i. Smith and then use my married name as needed i.

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Koors or full name B. Smith Koors when needed? I'm trying to figure out if I need to hyphenate my last name or not, and if not, how I can use it. Name change on the license is non-binding. You don't have to change your name on any document if you don't want to. If you don't hyphenate, you'd have to use your prior last name in all formal situtations. If you don't a legal name name change, then you could only use your hyphenated name informally.

When you do your taxes, fill out a government form, etc, you'll have to use your legal, non-hyphenated name. So, while this was a good read, I do have a question of sorts. My last name is my mothers maiden name. Even though she married my father after I was born, my last name was never changed.

When they divorced, my father was awarded custody of me, and all through my school years I went as an Ericksen. Until I found out that my last name, legally, was Maloney when I was I absolutely hate my mothers last name. She had no part of my growing up, and it's a memory I'd rather forget. I'm due to get married in December of I want to hyphenate my name, because I want to incorporate my fathers name, my heritage of Ericksen into my family. Can this be done? Or do I need to legally change my name to Ericksen before I can consider using it to hyphenate with.

Everything from my school years Diplomas', awards, etc are in Ericksen but that was before I was an adult. I'm a New York resident. On my marriage license I said that I would take my future husband's name. I don't want to change my ss card, drivers license, passport bank accounts or work info. Can I just continue to use my maiden name? Is this legal? I recently got married in California. I still haven't decided if I want to change my name and if so, what to change it to, so am frustrated that I had to make a choice on the license up front.

Anyway, I would really like to keep my middle name and liked the way it sounded to have my married name first, so put First Middle Married Maiden on the marriage license. Now I am reconsidering to do the standard way of First Middle Maiden Married, but am dreading the court name change process. So, I guess the question is, is this at all common or mostly women go the standard way of Maiden first? Hi Allyson. It's typically maiden first, but there's no reason for you to stick with that if you'd prefer it to go last.

I recently got married and I hyphenate my name. I want to change my name on my SS card to just my husbands last name. Can I just change my name to his last name or do I have to use the whole hyphenate name? Hi Tiffany. If your marriage certificate shows your hyphenated name, that's typically what you'll have to change it to. I will be getting married soon for the first time. My son has my maiden name. I have a two business LLC's all documented in my maiden name. I would like to take my fiance's name but t fear the legal document nightmare. We are both ok with me keeping my maiden name.

I would really like to use my married name for my daughter but would also like to keep my maiden for my son. Oh, and did I mention that my middle name is the one I use daily?!? Hi Shauntelle. You could just use your married name informally in social situations and continue using your maiden name for all professional and tax-related purposes. I got married last October and have been trying to get my name change done since 1 year now.

I had done married-maiden, I got my social security card changed thus but when I went to get my state ID they said no.

Hyphenating Your Last Name After Marriage

Is there anything I can do? Or will I just have to get my social card redone again? Hi Luz. Was an explanation given for your request being denied? Changing your name with the SSA again could entail obtaining a court order. Your replies are so helpful. I got married 2 months ago in NY and still reside in NY. In my marriage certificate I chose to take my husband's last name.

I haven't gone forth with the legal name change with SS or dmv. I'd now like to have his last name as a hyphen when I change it legally, not as my only last name: so Firstname Maiden-His. Do I need a court order to add the hyphen? Or can I simply show my marriage certificate that already has his last name and hyphen it at the SS and dmv?

Thanks so much!! Hi DSA. Unless you can get your certificate amended which is reserved for mistakes , you'll likely need a court order. I am getting married in January and want to put my husband's last name before my maiden name, so essentially two last names but not hyphenated!!!

So for a fake example Sarah first , Plain middle name , And husband's last name, Tall my maiden name. Sarah Plain And Tall. Hi Faith.

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Space-separated names aren't particularly well supported for marriage-based name changes. That's the main problem with such a choice. Hello, I just got married in September and am thinking I'd like to keep my last name and add his, with no hyphen. I saw a response from Valera saying that "space-separated names aren't particularly well supported for marriage-based name changes. I had also been considering having 2 middle names my original middle name, space, my maiden name , but then it occurred to me that I might need to change my birth certificate.

Would that be the case, if I changed my middle name? Thank you so much for your help…. If you were able to implement such a name change you wouldn't have to update your birth certificate to match. I have applied for my marriage license 4 days ago, I had only take my fiance surname but now I want to hype my surname to his, the wedding is in two weeks, can I just go back and change it , will there be additional cost? I'm from Minnesota. Hi Kay. You can return to the office where you obtained your marriage license and have them void your old license and reissue you another with your preferred name.

You may have to repay the license fee, which in Minnesota is quite steep. It's one of the most expensive states in the nation for a marriage license. I am married with children and never formally changed my name but sometimes use the hyphenated version of my maiden-married name. My hyphenated name is long can I abbreviate my maiden name and use my full last name. If I hyphenate my maiden and married name, will I have to change everything or could I keep just my maiden name on everything? Hi Coleen. I got married last year, december. Almost of my records have my hyphenated surname but when I tried using it on TIN, the computer won't allow such, what my HR did is connect my surname and husband's without space.

Do you think it will affect my records in the future? Hi VJ. The computer should have accepted it as the hyphen is an acceptable character for a TIN's name control. Hi so for mine I have my last name and and husband. My question is do when I sign for anyrhing do I put both last names or can I just sign my first and his last name. Hi Jess. Sign the full surname on legal and government documents, and use your best judgment for more informal situations.

If you suspect the name you provide to be queried against a government database, use your full legal name. Since I hyphenated my last name should I leave blank the space in filling out forms that say "Middle Initial"? Hi Lourdes. Your middle initial is the first letter of your middle name. It doesn't have anything to do with your hyphenated surname. For example; my husband is adding me to his health insurance, can I just use my first name and his last name without adding my maiden name even though it is hyphened? Hi Velisha. You'll have to use your full legal name. You can only pick and choose in informal situations.

So, is it more common these days to have two last names instead of the hyphen? What percentage of women have two last names? I read the article, and I know about the computer difficulty with hyphen. Thank you! Hi Rachel. Space-separated last names are less prominent than hyphenated names because not all states easily allow a change of the prior—using a certified copy of a marriage certificate—the way they all do for the latter. I got married in , changed my name in just on my social security card and at work… my first name, middle maiden-husband's name.

This is causing lots of trouble recently anxiety and I am fed up with it. My "full name" doesn't fit on my bank card so it has first name and married name, insurance has me as the same. The decision to hyphenate was to follow my father's wishes, dumb thing to do. How do I go about dropping my maiden name? How much would it coast? I live in Pa. You'd submit a name change petition in your county's Court of Common Pleas. Hi: My current last name is hyphenated but it's long and people tend to have so much trouble pronouncing not only my maiden name but especially my married name husband's last name.

So now I'm considering changing it to where it will be my first name, initial only of my maiden name and married name. So it will be: Cxxxie D. I don't need to go to court, do I? Thank you. Hi my name is queenet, I married since two years ago my husband is in my country I'm in Maryland and I'm pregnant how can I change to my husband name because I want my husband name to appear as my last name in my child birth certificate and also my husband name to appear in away child name.

Hi Queenet. You'd use a certified copy of your marriage certificate to fulfill a name change. So I'll be getting married next year and I'm the lady sibling with my father's name. My partner is the lady daughter with her father's last name. We're both considering keeping our last names but i see in this aerial we can hyphenate with her last name then mine for myself. What all needs to be done. Getting married in Vegas but reside inn NM.

Hi Sylvia. You'll just need to use a certified copy of your marriage certificate to hyphenate. Name on other forms of legal documents i. Now that I'm getting married in less than a week, I decided to keep every part of my birth name and add my fiance's last name. If I need to sign otherwise, what will that be? Hi Adriana. You would enter or sign your full last name on all legal or government documents. Anything with a legal context should use your full surname. My 1st husband passed away years ago, I got remarried but have 2 young children from late husband.

My son's biggest worry about me getting remarried is that I would have a different last name than them. I don't want to hurt my son but would also like to honor my husband and our marriage by taking his last name.

Virginia Marriage Licenses: 4 Application Facts

Any ideas on what you think would be best. Hi Victoria. You can consider hyphenating. Depending on the state, you may be able to take your late husband's last name as your middle name or current's husband's surname as a middle. You can also choose to take your current's husbands name informally, while keeping your official identity documents in your late husband's name. I just read all of this information for a good 45 minutes. I have no questions but a great big thank you for all of your useful information.

When my husband and I got married over 5 years ago I hyphenated my name, kept my maiden and added his last name, now I would like to drop my maiden name and just have his last name. Would I just go back to the social security office to do that or do I have to petition for a name change now? I live in Arizona, would you happen to know what I would need to do? Thank you!! You'd have to petition for a name change. You can review the Arizona name change page for how to go about it. I was born and married overseas and got the US citizenship.

Our child was born in the same country and got a certificate of citizenship. USCIS told us that they are using old programs and do not support the hyphen. All our other documents driving license, US passport, social security card were issued with non-hyphenated last name. We had no problems so far but I'm worry about my child minor child in the future because the hyphen is missing and looks like we have 2 last name. What should I do and where can be an issue in his future? To change the name I do not want because the certificates of naturalization are very expensive.

This problem is stressing me so much. Thank you in advance and much appreciated!! Hi Lara. Your child does have a birth certificate with the hyphenated name, which is a significant document. It can be used to verify identity as long as it's the original copy or a certified copy. Hi Valera, thank you for the answer. I have few more questions: Is the hyphen considered a legitimate part of the name? I'm assuming that if all our documents were issued without hyphenated name it should be okay.

I recently applied for a SSC. I got the receipt stating my SSC will be in the mail. Besides the point On the receipt it has my first name, middle name, Maiden name, then married name. No dash or "hyphen". Do you know if this receipt reflects how my name will be on my SSC? If so how do I go about changing doc's to reflect my new last name even though there is no hyphen. Because there might not be a hyphen, what name do I use legally? Can I use either last name or still use both?

If you specified a hyphen, the actual card should contain the hyphen. If not, you can contact them for a correction. The idiots at the DMV hyphenated my wife's name backwards. Jones-Smith instead of Smith-Jones. She tried in vain to get them to change it back, but they were too dense to figure out how to do that. It was many years ago and this mistake has propagated through many other documents in our lives. Occasionally, we are asked to prove that we're married.

Attorney General of Virginia

I suspect in part that's because I'm white and she is black. I'm scared to death that one day she'll be in an emergency room and I'll be challenged to "prove that you're married before treatment can be authorized". I want to hyphenate my maiden name with my husband's last name but an SSA rep told me over the phone that they do not print hyphens on social security cards because it is not "supported by the system" and instead the hyphen is replaced with a space.

It is really important for me for professional reasons to have one last name, with my maiden name first. What should I do in order to successfully hyphenate my last name? Hi Rose. A hyphen not being printed on your card doens't mean your hyphenated name isn't stored internally in its hyphenated form. I live in New Mexico. However, I would like for us to be connected in our names and for our children to be connected as well. Do you know if New Mexico supports two last names that are spaced instead of hyphenated? Currently my name is Jennifer Jean Rex. His last name is McNair.

Is this possible or do I have to hyphenate them?

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  • Hello, I live in TN and will be getting married soon. My fiance wants me to take his last name or at least hyphenate our names. However, due to professional achievements, licenses, etc. I would like to keep my current last name from a prior marriage. If I hyphenate my last-his last, will I still be able to be recognized by my current last name or will I have to change all professional licenses to the hyphenated form?

    Or, is it possible to have the hyphenated name on the marriage certificate only and continue to use my current last name on all legal documents, licenses, etc? Depending on your industry, you may have to update your licenses, or at least notify the necessary boards or equivalent of your name change.

    That's an option. To use the hyphenated name informally while not actually changing it on any official document. Hi, I live in Florida and I have been married for 10 years using my maiden name. I now want to hyphenate my maiden and my husband's last name, do I need a court order in order to do so? Hello, I live in Mississippi. When I married 35 years ago, I moved my maiden name to my middle name and took his name.

    We had two children together last name is Brown. He passed away a couple of years ago and now I am about to remarry. There will be no additional children. I am planning to drop my just drop my maiden name and move my current last name to that spot and add his last name as mine. Marie Brown Jones. I am concerned that Marie Jones and Mary Jones will become confused for bills, police records, medical records etc and personal information could become merged by people just assuming that the name is misspelled. If I do not hyphenate but use the new last name with my current last name as my middle name, will I be okay using my same Drivers license, Passport, Social Security etc?

    Mississippi marriage license applications, licenses, and certificates don't provide spaces to specify a new last name, so it's irrelevant. If you don't change any of those documents, then your name hasn't actually changed. You'll still be Marie Smith Brown after your upcoming marriage. I live in New York state and I got married back in and hyphenated my name but never changed it because I have always used the name on my social security card and all my legal documents for courts and school stuff.

    I guess my question here is can I get into trouble for that? I have been told that just because I hyphenate it doesn't mean I had to change it or use my name and my partners name. I take it the hyphenation only appears on your marriage certificate. No, you cannot get into trouble for not formally hyphenating your name across credentials to match your certificate. I got married and want to keep my old last name and add my new one without a hyphen, while keeping my first and middle name.

    No issue at SSA…my card reads first middle last1 then space then last2. They say their computers will not allow 4 names and when she tried to enter my 2 last names without a hyphen the system added a hyphen. What can I do? Now I have a Mia-match. Hi Dana. There's not much you can do in this situation.

    It's a limitation of their system. Hello I have a few questions so my first is if you got married and you put on the marriage license his current address and your current address that's on the nys license is that a problem? Another question is the surname I put his last name but never hyphenated it and I never change it on ss Ids or job tax etc. Lastly can ifI want to change the surname and get it hyphenated would that be a problem in th state of NYC?

    If that's what's specified on your license and certificate, it wouldn't be a problem. I live in Utah. I was married 3 weeks ago. I want my name to be "First, Middle, Maiden, His last" with no hyphen. I can't find anywhere if Utah will allow me to have a double barrelled surname. Do you happen to know? If I hyphenate my last name and my husband's name , must he also do same and must my children have hyphenated last name. Hi, I am divorced after 27 years and 5 children and haven't taken back my maiden name.

    I am getting married next year and want to continue using my current name from my first marriage it's the same as my children but still establish a connection with my soon to be husbands family name. No, you don't have to commit to any change. You can keep on using your prior husband's name. Hi, I will be getting married in California currently living in Colorado and feel strongly attached to my maiden last name. However, I am thinking about adding my fiance's last name to mine in a hyphenated form. I currently have a hyphenated last name due to father and mothers last name, so my name is, for example, Janet Smith-Jones.

    My fiance's last name is Ramirez. I don't want to deal with the hassle of having to change it legally. For example, when filling taxes as married filling jointly or for jobs etc. I want to do Maiden-Married legally, but just go by Mrs. Or would I have to use the full hyphenated name? Or is it easier if I move it to the middle as 2 middle names? Im in SC and I want to hyphenate my name with my husband's but on my license they only put my married name and my SS still has my maiden name what steps would I need to take to correct my license?

    Would I need to go through family court or is there a different Option? Hello, How do you write a hyphenated last name when filling a form like social security. Myers is my surname and Jones is my husband's name. Currently waiting on a call back from social security regarding this question.

    My issue is I have a ton of certifications in my maiden name; therefore, if I hyphenate my last name with my maiden and married name Holcombe-Matthews can I use either or last name on legal documents. That depends on the regulations of your state and entities which govern your licenses. You'll have to contact them to determine if they mandate reissuing licenses or if they just require internal notification without reissuance.

    I am legally married 25 years but separated. Will divorce one day. What steps are needed to do so? Hi Robin. You'd have to file a court petition. I am not sure if I would have to take both of his last names or just the last one. Back when I got married in Florida I took my wife's last name.

    But the court wouldn't let me do it the traditional way. I had to actually file for a regular name change separate from the marriage application. Then once my name change was finalized I was able to get married. So for a while I had my wife's last name while still technically single. Of course this was back in the nineties so I don't know if things have changed any since then. It's just that at the time I thought it was silly that my wife could change hers as part of the marriage arrangements and I had to do mine separately before we even got married.

    We were very young kids when we got married. I took her name and loved it because I never liked my own name. We've been divorced now since and I've kept her name all this time because I still love it and we are still close. But as I've gotten older I started feeling bad about losing the family name. So lately I've been thinking of hyphenating to two names together. If I do this, can I continue to use just the one name legally on my driver's license, passport and bank account? In other words after I hyphenate can I just keep everything the way they are and still be legal?

    If you're talking about getting a court-ordered name change, it's nonbinding. You can petition the court and not follow through. In that case, your name wouldn't change. I got married in in Hawaii to my husband. So I originally was going to change my name to just one of his last names the one he was gonna keep and he would just change it after the wedding so we would have the same last name.

    However, I got freaked out last minute and after we already had the marriage certificate done, we called the officiant and he changed my declared surname to my maiden name, so I did not change my name. Now, 3 years later we are gonna have a baby and he wants to change his name like we originally planned. His dropping one last name of his hyphenated name. I plan to take his last name that he chooses and hyphenate it with mine.

    Is there anyway that I can do this without a court petition, or do I have to go through the courts? If I decide to not hyphenate my name and just take his last name, do I have to go through the courts, since it was the original decision to change to part of his hyphenated name but changed after the ceremony by the officiant to be my maiden name instead?

    If I do decide to change my last name to a hyphenated of his soon to be one part of his last name and my maiden name, do I have to change my DL, passport, bank, credit cards and social security card? If I do not hyphenate, and I chose to just fully take his new one part last name, will I have to do the changes for DL, passport, bank, credit cards and social security card? Hawaii's name change statutes says your middle or last name can be "any combination" of either's current or prior middle name or last name, but it doesn't say anything about taking a portion of a name.

    Changing to something other than the declared name on your marriage certificate could be a problem. You may find success with one agency and get turned down by another. Whether by court order or marriage certificate, you don't actually have to update any document. Well the declared surname on my license and certificate was his last name but then our officiant put in an amendment to use my maiden name as my declared surname, so can I just go back and have them take away the amendment and issue a new marriage certificate with his last name or do I have to go through the court change because the officiant put in the amendment?

    I declared that I would take his last name but changed my mind and the officiant put in the amendment. So then if I took his last name would I have to go through courts for it since it was originally my declared surname. Or since I did the amendment, I now have to do a name change through the courts? Would that be a legal change that I would have to change my documents for?

    If I take his last name that he changes it to? You you call Hawaii's vital records department about the possibility of amending your marriage certificate and its viability for changing your name afterward. You can try changing your name through the Hawaii secretary of state office.

    There's a minor filing fee and a little legwork involved. An interesting and unspoken issue related to name change. She had previously been married and while a paralegal and her law firm she changed her name back to her original last name.

    Hyphenating Your Last Name After Marriage - Marriage Name Change

    On the birth of our first child, my mother came to the hospital to see her first grandchild by birth, my brothers kid was adopted. Hospitals maintain and register the child under the admitted patient's last name so our child in the nursery was the mothers last name baby. My mother came to the hospital and looked in the nursery window.

    There was no my last name baby, among the newborns was our child, in the bassinet under the name of his mother's last name. Mom comes down the hall, and on seeing me exclaimed, "where is Adam, my grand child. We went down the hall and in the nursery bassinet, was Adam. On it it read her last name. Mom in a concerned voice proclaimed , " he is a King, isn't he? Hyphenated names are retarded. IF everyone had hyphenated names, within 3 generations, you'd have 8 word surnames. There's a reason we have the tradition in place. Choose one and stick with it. When we get married, do I have to take both or do I get to pick which last name I want?

    Hello, I live in California. I got married a few months ago and I haven't started the process of changing my name yet because my children from my first marriage is having a hard time with the thought of having a mom with a different last name then them. I kept my married name after the divorce because I was also worried about the problems we would face with having different last names. I'm look at my opinions if I should hyphenated the two names or in a past comment you talked about having two last names or what is the difference between these two options. Also when we got married I put on the certificate as if I only took my husband last name.

    Will that cause problems since I am second geasing my discussion? On paper, option 2 may cause people to confuse the initial last name as the middle name. For some people, this may be a preferred side effect. You may only change your last name through marriage with the new last name specified on the marriage certificate. Since you may not retroactively amend the certificate, you'll have to go through a court-petitioned name change to hyphenate or attain dual last names. Is this true? The state is Illinois. Hi Anna. I'm not clear on which combination you've chosen: old last name, maiden name, spouse's old last name, spouse's maiden name.

    Please clarify. Will this be a problem in the future? Or having my marriage certificate be good enough once I decide to make the formal change? My wife moved back to puerto rico and now she has a social security card in both last names , maiden and my last name , no hyphen when we got married she changed her name legally to my last name name she goes to school in puerto rico under her maiden name is this legal?

    Hi Ameen. If both social security cards have the same number, then one's just an old copy. If she has two numbers, then that'll have to be corrected at her closest SSA office. I'm divorced, recently got married and kept my former husband's name because of my children. I don't know if I made a mistake because I used my first name, my new husband's last name and hyphenated it with my previous husband's last name. Can I do that? The name may match your ex-husband's, but it is your name. Your identity. There's no right or wrong about keeping a prior spouse's name.

    You'll have to choose whichever you're most comfortable with. I will be getting married in July of this year and wanted to hyphenate my name. We both have nine letter in our name so it would be really long. Do you know if this would be allowed? Or is there a requirement to how long a name can be? I live in Florida. I got divorced in and took back my maiden name by court order Smith. I got remarried in to Jones but my marriage license has my maiden name on it — like others I did not know I could write my new married name in the space.

    No hyphen. Over the years I started hyphenating my last name on everything on my own Smith-Jones although no official name change was done. Do I need to do a name change petition, fingerprints and background? Seems stupid since my name isn't really changing. My husband's ex-wife didn't change her last name after their divorce.

    Now, she had recently remarried, and had decided to STILL keep my husband's name and hyphenate with her new husband's name. Out of curiosity… Is this a new trend? Socially acceptable? There can be several reasons why she chose to maintain her name. There's no right or wrong, good or bad, or typical use case. It's certainly lawful. We are both Nigerians. Of course, we're just talking about formatting and not getting into if this can be implemented through marriage or some other means, such as the courts.

    The latter depends on your residency, where your marriage took place, and if you've already changed your name to something you didn't like. Hi I have a question, what if I already legally changed my last name after marriage, it's been 4 years and my husband has argued about that for 4 years! He hates it , is there a way I can drop my maiden name from my last name to just keep his last name?

    Since you've already changed your name after marriage, you'll have to go to court to do it again for the same marriage. I just got married. My name is Mary B. Smith and I just took my husbands last name Jones. I hyphenated with SSA. Legally I'm Mary B. We live in Wisconsin. We are expecting.

    My question is when our child is born, am I able to use my husband's last name on our child's birth certificate? I don't need for my child to carry my maiden name. I have another question. In Wisconsin, they recently change their policy for marriage license. Marriage license no longer includes Bride's option to change last name. They told us that I now have to apply to SSA to change my last name.

    With that said, I read some threads on this site people were having problems with the DMV. Will that be an issue for me? I checked their website and it requires for me to change my name first at SSA than wait 48 hours in order for them to see the change. I must still bring in a copy of my marriage license but that only shows proof of marriage not name change. Yes, still bring your certificate, as it signifies a name change event.

    It doesn't have to show a new name. By default, the search box searches across all fields, including full text. Once you have found the item you are interested in, you will next need to find where your term appears in the item. There are four ways to do this:. This site, the North Carolina Digital Collections, has over 30 different collections. You can search across all of the collections, a few of the collections, or within just one collection. You can add or remove collections to your search in the Advanced Search area, or at the top left of the database where it says "Add or remove other collections to your search".

    The North Carolina Digital Collections has over 30 different collections. Several of these are especially likely to be helpful for genealogical research, including:. We also suggest performing searches across all collections. Although you are likely to turn up many non-relevant results, you may find what you are looking for in an unexpected place.

    When you filter your results or use Advanced Search, you may notice that field names change, depending on whether you are searching within a single collection or within more than one collection. African Americans Genealogy, Slavery, History, etc. Bible records include lists of birth, marriage, and death information recorded throughout the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Indexes of marriage and death announcements compiled from five North Carolina newspapers dating to Indexes include names, dates, places.

    Published books on North Carolina families and family history, including copies of genealogical research donated to the State Library's Government and Heritage Library. Material from two collections: contemporary photographs of the Raleigh Hebrew Cemetery and the Hebrew section of Raleigh Historic Oakwood Cemetery, and the s Works Project Administration cemetery surveys. Genealogy information contributed by researchers of all ages and skill levels, organized alphabetically by last name and transcribed by participants in the Genealogy Vertical File Transcription Project.

    Does your family Bible contain information about at least one person who lived in North Carolina and a date before ? If so, you may be eligible to donate copies of your family Bible and help us grow our family history collection. FAQs How do I search for words within the full text of a document? Can I search across all collections? Which are the best collections for doing genealogical research?

    Field names. Example Searches Simple Search Box Searches in all fields title, description, creator, subjects, full text, etc. Results of date searches may surprise you! Google may not include all items from the Digital Collections. New items, in particular, may not have been indexed by Google yet. Most items with text are full text searchable, but many are not. Handwritten documents, for example, are only full text searchable if they have been transcribed.

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