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For him, time is a big factor.

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That would be a terrible life. I have married friends who look so old now. Why would I want that? Restaurants, karaoke places, zoos, and theme parks are all becoming easier to enjoy alone. Read more: The delights and challenges of dining alone. What do you even say? Definitely not about having a wife! Less stress. Great for getting a childcare place, not so great for the future prosperity of your country.

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Japanese cultures that exist to this day were created in that situation. Food culture such as sushi fast food for single men at the time and tempura, and the idol and cosplay cultures were all created at this time. Read more: 5 great places with a thriving singles culture.

2. Dating in Japan as a foreign man:

They tend to be extremely reliant on their wives and the suicide rate is highest among them. What about our emotional needs? People are being connected through networks that did not exist in the past.

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I've never had a relationship with another human being like the one I have with my wife. Being a partnership, we both succeed or fail with each other, so it's in both our interests to ensure we succeed. We are also raising two kids in which we both are fully invested in ensuring a quality life. This has given me a person I can talk with like no one else in my life - including my parents and kids. I wouldn't have this same relationship if we were not married. And to be clear - that's separate from love. Marriage is a risk no doubt. If mine ever were to fall apart, I suspect I may not get married again, since I won't have any more children.

But as far as it goes, I have never seriously regretted getting married, and the longer we're together, the stronger our bond gets. I would have never had that if I were of the belief that marriage provides no value. Fully agree with this. No time to waste on dating for sure! Oh, come on. The thrill of the chase and the later familiarity have their benefits. However, in my experience, the majority of Japanese men and women are hopeless at even starting the chase. Geez, life was merciless with you!!

When I was free I had several possible marriage partners, and it was obvious that the money was not their aim, because I did not have much lol. The problem we have here is typical for consumer societies.

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People in poor countries are sure have less money, but they reduplicate in record numbers - Pakistan, Bangladesh, African countries. Different mentality. My mother has a great employment history, 2 bachelors degrees and not useless fields, one was criminal justice, and I forget the other , teaching certificate, and a CDL commercial driver's license - needed to drive heavy equipment, buses, and other large vehicles. She left her last really good job due to mistreatment by her superior she was fairly high up in the company but still had a boss to answer to.

That was several years ago now. She's even relocated to other states a few times when she could afford to, to try for different jobs. No luck jobs not hiring, or someone with just that little bit more experience or higher degree MBA, etc winning out. So trying to say someone failed at life to making a low wage, is just heartless ignorance :. The economy in the US even isn't great for trying to raise children. Both parents usually have to work, and even then, they barely scrape by since childcare costs are also high, but one parent working with another as a stay-at-home, just doesn't work for the vast majority of people.

Maybe a little worse since they have less in the way of daytime childcare services for working parents, and the few that do exist usually have long wait lists and are definitely not cheap. They all come in straight from their other jobs, not even stopping at home, and when they go home at the end of the night, their family is already asleep.

So from my perspective the biggest problem in most developed nations when it comes to being able to have a family is a finances and b time away from the job s. And as has been proven over time by social economists, the lower on the income ladder a family is, the less likely it is for a child of that family will ever go above that. In most cases, they either end up at the same level, or even lower, as the parents couldn't afford college, and the financial aid just wasn't there, other than massive loans that most can't afford.

Japan's schools are even more expensive in most cases, as they don't nearly have the same level of financial aid programs available in the US. Even high schools in Japan cost money. There are lots more factors other than what I've talked about with money and childcare, etc. As living and dating in Japan for six years I have much experience in the Japan dating world here and my observations:. Dating apps are plentiful and you actually chat with lots however trying to set up an actual meeting takes weeks and an act of god.

On Tuesday, the cabinet also approved an annual report on children and young people, in which it showed that Whether women want to have Children by their 30s, they must start saving money for this purpose from their 20s, not spending all in shopping and luxury trips. And now you apply that logic across the board?

Same issue here. Start dating young when both of you are young or get arranged marriage by parents in most cases, you do get final word. Dating websites are flawed and some use fake profile pix just to entice. They make you register and explain everything Unless you are extremely good looking, even if you get married because of your career or money, your wife would just spend your money on host clubs or her good looking boyfriend s anyways.

No point for most guys. Marriage and sex are two different things. Perhaps sex yes, if you adhere to immorality-called cases. But man needs to work to live and not the other way of living in order to work. In other news, papakatsu, a word women are using to replace words like enkou and prostitution, has risen to a meteoric high.

That's what happens when you segregate boys and girls at such an early age in the school system Woke up this morning and this is the first article I read. Now I'm depressed. I had two beautiful relationships that ended my fault and decided no more. My heart hurt way too much. Guess too late for me now, too old. Left my job now I'm a caregiver for my wonderful loving mom. Trying to visit Japan by myself this fall for a couple of weeks but love was just never there again for me. So instead I'll just love the beauty of Japan. Japanese women are sick of the misogyny and being treated like 2nd class citizens, they have had enough of being slaves to a bunch of immature mummies boys Turn off all your screens and get outside.

Get a life. Do things. Not just work things. Interesting things that the person you want to marry might be doing or also be very interested in doing. It isn't about being pretty for men. Smart women know to look below the surface. Beauty fades for all of us.

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The inside person outshines the exterior. If you just want the exterior, rent. If you want a true partner, look deeper, for a soulmate. Although the article refers to this as a government survey, but no Japanese responded to this survey. Later that American student said it was the result of asking 50 of his friends.

But other Japanese students said they didn't know him. And yes, that American student was indeed a "unattractive gaijin" to Japanese girls. A ignorant Westerner proudly says to us, "You Japanese are ugly robots don't know love. That's because it's the same excuses of the white colonists who slaughtered Asians, Native Americans and Aboriginals, the Nazis, and Chicom robots mentioned when they enjoying ethnic cleansing. What time is there for any kind of self fulfillment? The government's measures are to promote marriage, but why not create an environment where people actually want to get married in the first place?

The Complications of having Kids in Japan So It's with little wonder, that they're trying to bring back overseas Japanese Kids There's a few things that need to change here.

Notably, a bunch of old "Farts" need to be retired from Government quickly Abe that's you too AND, which doesn't the Right winger's driving around in black buses So where do you go to? Japanese women's standards are surprisingly modest compared to Korean and Chinese women.

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Korean and Chinese women ask for the sky and can get it. Japanese women by comparison is asking for men with a full time position and an annual salary of 5 million yens. But the problem with Japan is that Japan is such a low-income country now that very few men under 35 make 5 million yens a year. Japanese girls may not be easier to approach at first but they easily fall in love Any Natural beauty Japanese girls who visit Nepal or developing countries, they fall in love with those Organic Village guys. Been very happily married for 30 years, fantastic wife is Japanese, bunch of great kids.

Life is great. Immature guys having grown up on video games, manga. The economy is poor and so are they. Immature women who were spoilt as girls and who are very materialistic have had poor education regarding men, relationships, sex, marriage and childbearing. I don't have any faith in these Gov't surveys dreamed up by old geezers waste of time Gov't workers should go out and do some real work. Ok, I guess I'm gonna have to tackle this problem all by myself. It'll be for the good of the country. You're welcome. Why not go back to the parents who had them between - and ask them why they chose to have children.

The pill was legalized in The post WW II planners had a big job planning a better more efficient society, but I think they got a little carried away.

Dating in Tokyo Japan as a Foreigner

Brainwashing shikata ga nai I know a J girl who prefers to remain single at 35 than to go out with a divorced man. I feel pity for the guy who appears to be nice and with average income. Japan has always been a fragile nation, ever balancing its demand for economic resources with human productivity. But Japan grew up too quickly since the Meiji Restoration and particularly since — resulting in excessive work, repressed social interactions and significant industrialization layered on an underdeveloped political and financial system. The tipping point came with the burst of the Bubble Economy that has since pushed Japanese society well out of balance.

The impacts appear in the form of hermit adult children, a low interest to marry or have children, high suicides, low salaries, and a declining fecundity. Japanese Govt. All couple has main concern, how to manage leaving cost? How to buy a house, a car and how to manage expense of kids for their daily life, school, Kumon, Juku, University etc etc etc. Unless investment behind the present young generation, how could govt.

A lack of opportunity to meet an appropriate partner, or not having enough financial resources or ability to get along with the opposite sex are cited as major reasons. Stop working 60 hours a week, then you'll have the opportunity to meet an appropriate partner. No, wait, then you may not have enough financial resources That will help with finances The Girl has a Girlish rucksack, but the boy Prada perhaps?

And notice the fluffy whats-it he has hanging off the handle strap - I guess this is modern day Feminate man He's not alone sadly That rucksack don't look all that girlish to me whatever girlish is. It looks practical, down to earth, easy to carry. The boy's bag - effeminate? Better to my mind than having pockets crammed full of stuff because the Man hasn't got the gumption to put everything in a bag.

And the fluffy thing - lots of bags have zips that are hard to get hold of. Attaching some kind of dingle-dangle makes it easier. More practical than continuing to struggle 'because it's manly'.

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Mr cleo once spent half a day wandering round department stores in Tokyo carrying a cute little plastic handbag covered in pink dots and with a Hello Kitty dingle-dangle handing off it. It was our daughter's - she had given it him to hold while she tried on some new shoes, then gone off back home with her grandmother without remembering to reclaim her bag.

A masculine man is one confident enough in himself to not worry what others think. Even when he's carrying a pink handbag. Come to think of it, my sister always went out with girly types and married a girly type despite due to? I don't think finances are an issue. A lot of people, from what I witnessed in Tokyo, were loaded and financially ok - they could have easily went back with my American friend to live in the land of the free, with her Alicia keys phone cover and American flag backpack. Such a shame, though.