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These placards are issued subject to the following stipulations: By law, the applicant must be a resident of this municipality.

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The applicant must have temporarily lost the use of one or more limbs or is temporarily disabled as to be unable to ambulate without the aid of an assisting device or be a person whose mobility is otherwise temporarily limited. By law, the Chief of Police is not empowered to issue a temporary handicapped placard to a person who is permanently handicapped. Fees Fee payments may be made by check or money order only. No cash may be accepted. Community Services.

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How to Obtain an Accident Report

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Records Division. What government records are accessible to the public. Generally, all government records are accessible to the public except those that fall under the exceptions to public access set forth in OPRA. These exceptions to public accessibility standards exist because of the legal principle that citizens have a reasonable expectation of privacy regarding records in possession of a public agency; because of public safety concerns; and because of the need to insure unfettered debate, discussion, and consideration of issues inside public agencies.

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For Additional Information and Fees. For more information please: click here. Live Edit Close. Investigative reports are not public information. Incident verifications for insurance purposes can be issued. Arrest information can be released under certain criteria. Most accident reports are public information.

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Defendants charged with a crime or offense may request Discovery through the Municipal Prosecutor under Court Rules.