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Email Blacklists – Is Your Email Blocked?

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The 8 Email Blacklists You Should Actually Care About

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My Virgin Media IP address is blacklisted

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This is an essential part of maintaining email as an effective tool, however based on the fact that blacklists operate on a largely independent and automated basis, they often mistake good senders for bad. When properly managed, this risk can be entirely mitigated. This guide will get you on the right track when it comes to understanding the main concepts at play, and beginning to correct any bad email sending practice you currently have.

Blacklist Checker - Check if your IP is blacklisted or not

This is an important mechanism to protect us from receiving spam. Which is good news for those with an overflowing inbox.

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  • Your Hotmail/Outlook Blacklist Investigation Process.

This enables mail servers to understand who is sending an email, and also to check if that sender has a history of sending good or bad email , by referencing these cheat sheets, or rather blacklists. As you can see, there is a lot that goes in to determining your emails inbox status.

Email Deliverability

Even if you do strictly follow email marketing best practices, you are at risk of being blacklisted inadvertently. Blacklists can frequently mistake legitimate senders as spammers due to their email sending habits.

Even though you may be following best email practices to a tee, it does happen. The good news is that you can perform email reputation management by monitoring the blacklists on the web.

5. Passive Spam Block List (PSBL)

Reputable blacklists to keep on your radar: There are copious amounts of blacklists in operation around the globe, including privately managed blacklists. However, not all of them operate the same and some have more influence than others. Although your ESP will always monitor this for you, and make you aware of this should it ever happen to you , your ESP cannot stop ISPs from receiving negative responses from your recipients in your database.

It is up to you to maintain your brands reputation, and developing an effective marketing strategy on a foundation of email marketing best practices will prevent you getting blacklisted in the future. Email Deliverability.